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Being on a Keto Diet During Quarantine



Let’s face it. Being on a Keto Diet During Quarantine has not been happening for me. I have not been following my Keto Diet at all and the scale is showing it. So tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) Feb. 14th 2021, I am re-starting my Keto Diet.

I Fell Off of My Keto Diet As Soon As Quarantine Started in March 2020

Before the shutdown, I had already started falling off my program and the pounds were creeping up.  I had successfully dropped down to about 183lbs while on Keto, which was an almost 20lb loss for me.  But by the time we started the shutdown, my weight had gone up to 192lbs.  Honestly, I was a nervous wreck at the beginning of quarantine.  I was running around trying to stock up on food and I didn’t buy a lot of good stuff to support my program at all.

My Quarantine Food Stockpile Was Horrible And Filled With Carbs!

Meat plants started having bad COVID-19 outbreaks, and as a result I made the decision to stop eating meat.  This was a mistake.  The foods I started eating were loaded with carbs and were highly processed. My weight quickly ballooned to over 200lbs.  I thought that once I got to 205lbs that I wouldn’t go any further or get any bigger, but I was wrong again. I had not been over 210 pounds since the birth of my daughter and that was 23 years ago. But as I write this blog post, I am weighing in at 215lbs. Yikes!

I’m Restarting My Keto Diet During Quarantine

When I launched this website, I was all in Keto and ever since I fell off of the program, I feel like crap.  The only thing that has made me feel any kind of good has been riding my Peloton bike.  But I have had a love-hate relationship with that too.  During the shutdown, I started a Peloton group with my girlfriend and some folks that we went to college with. The group went from 25 folks to over 400. These days the only thing that brings me joy is going on scenic rides on my bike.

I am hoping that riding my bike and restarting my keto diet will help me get back on track fast. Honestly, being on Keto was the only thing that I ever did that worked, made me feel good and lowered my blood pressure. But I have to say that I will be doing things a bit differently this time.

What I Will Do That’s Different This Time Around

I do have a different kind of plan for this time around.  First, I am going package and freeze the food that I don’t eat. I hate throwing out food. I would cook lots of food that my family would not eat. This time around I will cook food and freeze it so it doesn’t go bad. This should prevent me from trying to eat everything before it goes bad.

I am also going to workout everyday without question. Even if it is only a 15 minute ride on my bike, I am going to do it. My fitness goal will be to work towards getting 10K steps every day. I will track that.

I already know that my body is allergic to carbs, and have proven this to myself. This is why it should be easy for me to keep my carb count low. The fact is that when I eat carbs, I gain weight. I am going to be easy on myself and I will eat and incorporate good low carb snacks into my program.

Also, I have a simple goal and that is to get into my size 12 H&M blue pant suit. I forgot I even had this suit and I am going to make my goal simple and reachable.

Additionally, I am going to add Vlogging to this project. You can follow me on my Youtube Channel by clicking here.

Wish me luck and I’ll see you along the way.  Please comment below to let me know if you have been struggling to follow Keto during COVID-19.

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