how to prevent hair loss on keto diet
Keto Hair Loss

How to Prevent Hair Loss On Keto Diet

In this article you will discover how to prevent hair loss on keto diet.  While losing weight is great, losing your hair is not. Unfortunately when you begin any new diet program, you essentially deprive yourself of vital nutrients and this can cause hair loss.  Also, if you’re already taking certain treatments like blood pressure or thyroid medication, these can make you lose your hair as well.  However, some hair loss can be hereditary.  And while there are a variety of things we can do to assist with slowing the process, this article will focus on some specific things you can do while following Keto to help prevent hair loss.

Keto Diet and Hair Loss

Whenever you begin any new diet program you will have a lack of vital nutrients.  In today’s day and age it’s hard to get nutrients from any of the foods that we eat.  Just about everything is processed or cooked to the point where all of the nutrients are depleted before most foods even hit the table.  The best thing that you can do to prevent hair loss while on Keto is take a good one a day vitamin.  This will assist with providing the body with with it needs on a daily basis.  It will also help with hair loss.

How to Prevent Hair Loss On Keto Diet

There are several things that you can do to stop you from losing your hair while on Keto and they are as follows:

  • Try to eat as many greens as possible in their natural state.  If you cook a your greens, they will lose a lot of vital nutrients. But eating them raw in salads will help.
  • Rubbing ginger juice or green tea on your hair could also help.
  • Rubbing vitamin E oil will also assist in hair breakage.
  • You can also rub flaxseed oil on the hair to assist with breakage.

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