Keto Fast Food Choices

McDonalds Keto Menu Choices

Ideal McDonalds Keto menu options are few and far in between.  But even with the limited keto choices, we found some keto-friendly items.  And in this article we will attempt to share a few of them.

Planning ahead when you’re going to a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s is essential for your success on the keto program.   Therefore, the first thing you will want to do is review the menu.  You can view and download it here.

McDonalds Keto Menu Choices

All I can say is salads, salads, and more salads!

You would think that salads will become your friend at McDonalds. But think again The Southwest Salad without chicken has 20 grams of Carbs.  With grilled chicken it has 30 grams of Carbs.  The Southwest Dressing has another 11 grams of Carbs.  This is just way too many Carbs.

Who would have thought that the Chicken Nuggets – 4 piece only contains 11 grams of Carbs and in the 6 piece chicken nuggets there are 16 grams of Carbs.  And this is the better choice when you go to McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Chicken Selects 3 piece have a whopping 23 grams of Carbs.  This is a lot.  So, you might want to stay away from this because it’s heavily breaded.

All of their nonfat coffee’s are also pretty decent choices and have relatively low amounts of carbs.

McDonald’s Keto Menu Best Choices

The best thing that you can order from McDonald’s when following the Keto program are the burgers with no buns.

As you can see from the pictures above, McDonald’s does not have a problem with dropping your burgers into the carton with no bun.  Therefore, feel free to order away.

Based upon this research, it’s not hard to find keto-friendly choices at McDonald’s.  Bunless burgers would not only fill you up fast, but it will also keep you away from the other high carb choices.

What do you order when you go to McDonald’s? Drop us a line below to let us know.

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