how to deal with constipation on the keto diet
Keto Constipation

How to Deal With Constipation on the Keto Diet

A Few Home Remedies for Keto Constipation

  • Prune Juice or Dried Prunes – Yes. This will kick you out of ketosis, but so what.  When you’re experiencing constipation it can make you miserable.  You will be relieved of your constipation with prune juice and you can get yourself quickly back into ketosis by taking some exogenous ketones like Keto OS.
  • Coffee – A good strong cup of joe could send you to the bathroom immediately.  If you don’t drink bulletproof coffee this might be a good time to start, especially if you’re experience constipation related to the ketogenic diet.
  • Chocolate Poop Candy – Make some of the keto-friendly poop candy, which consists of melted unsweetened chocolate and coconut oil poured into a candy mold and cooled.  This can send you going pretty good. I am not sure whether it’s the coconut oil or the chocolate that makes you go.  I tend to go anytime I have chocolate.
  • Don’t eat too much cheese – Cheese is everywhere on Keto and it seems hard to avoid it, but try to eat more vegetables and salads with your proteins instead of cheese.  Truth be told, the cheese is most likely the main reason why you’re constipated.
  • Salt Water Flush – The salt water flush is widely known from the master cleanse.  But it could really work well for keto especially if you don’t want to knock yourself out of ketosis.  The salt water flush happens when you take 2 level teaspoons of non-iodized sea salt to a full quart of lukewarm water.  This will send you to the bathroom fast. You should take this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and stay close to the bathroom.  Warning: It’s disgusting.

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