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Keto Hair Loss

Keto Hair Growth? Discover after I loss some, how I grew it back…

Is Keto Hair Growth Possible? Some people want to know if it is possible to actually grow your hair while on the Keto diet. Well, I am living proof that it is possible. Sometimes when you change your diet you can lose your hair. For me it was a combination of the diet and my blood pressure medication. But with some real measures I was able to literally stop my hair loss and grow my hair back.  See the evidence in the picture below.  This is my hair growth after one month.

My Keto Hair Growth Experience

As you get older your hair tends to naturally thin out.  But when you have to take any medication, especially thyroid meds or blood pressure meds, it can thin out your hair.  Couple that with changing your diet and you can have a recipe for disaster.  I decided to put my hair in a protective style for about a month at the end of December of 2018.  It was a crochet style and it looked amazing when it was in.  But when I took it out, it looked like the pic above.  I had lost a lot of my edges.  I actually had two fists full of hair loss.  I knew that there was something I could do about it, but what?

I searched the internet and that took me to Youtube.  There are a million videos on how to grow back your hair.  But what method to try?  Honestly, I was confused y’all. But I decided to try Keranique.  The moment I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioned with using the products, I immediately noticed my hair stopped breaking.  One month later and I noticed a big difference.  But just using these products were not the only thing I did.

I also ordered Biotin vitamins.  But not just any Biotin.  I ordered the ones with Keratin in it and with 10,000 mcg.  You can see them below:

What Else Did I Do to Get Keto Hair Growth?

I can’t say that I just used the Keranique products.  The shampoo is very drying and my hair needs oil, so I added other products to the mix.  I have been treating it with rice water.  But in addition to using the rice water, I also have been using peppermint oil, rosemary, saw palmetto drops and castor oil treatments.  And of all of these things I must admit that my favorites are the saw palmetto and peppermint essential oils.  I found out about the saw palmetto on a men’s hair loss website and I noticed that men use saw palmetto and nettles to grow their bald spots and they say that it actually works.  So I decided to try it too.  And in 30 days, I noticed a huge improvement in my hair.

In another 30 days I will definitely take another picture.  I have noticed that all the hair on my head is actually growing in.  It’s a lot thicker and longer.  I am not looking for length, I am looking for fullness.  I see little small hairs popping out all over my hair.  I noticed that even when I try to lay my hair down, I still see little small hairs popping out all of the place and I am truly happy about that.

My New Hair Routine

The other thing that I have done is decided not to get any treatments done to my hair.  I have not gone to the hair salon.  I’ve been doing my own hair.  So…there has been very minimal heat on my hair and I also have not been getting a lot of pony tails because all of those styles just don’t do well with my hair.  My hair is very fine and it’s soft like cotton.  Therefore, adding anything to my hair for a long period of time is no good.  I’ve just been putting it back in a bun.  I also swooped it over the side to cover my edges while it was growing.  I just started pulling it back again since my edges have grown back.

My new hair routine consists of basically rubbing saw palmetto in my really thin balding spots every day.  I also will add peppermint essential oils and a little castor oil.  I ran out of the Keranique spray, but I would spray the regrowth spray with 2% minoxidil every day as well.  I also wash my hair with the Keranique Shampoo and Conditioner once a week.  I use the rice treatment once a week too.  But sometimes I will use a little rice water every day.  I add peppermint oil to it and it gets rid of the bad smell.

Check back to the site to see my progress and see how my hair is growing back in.  I am actually happy with the progress and can’t wait to see how it goes.

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