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Ketogenic Diet Ted Talk

I stumbled upon this Ketogenic Diet Ted Talk and I found it to be motivating and encouraging. Nick Murphy did an excellent job explaining how the Keto diet works.  He made some excellent points to help to demystify the program and why it works and could be the answer for many people suffering with obesity.  In this article I’d like to share some of the highlights of the Ted Talk and why I believe that it’s worth watching the entire 11 minutes and 21 seconds of the video.

3 Reasons Why This Ketogenic Diet Ted Talk Is A Must Watch Video!

  1. The stats that that Nick shares on the obesity is on point. It’s scary to fathom that by 2020 3 out of 4 Americans will be obese.
  2. The connection that he makes between Leptin in the brain and Insulin.  Nick explains how the Leptin resistance due to uncontrolled insulin, keeps us thinking that we’re hungry and never satisfied.  And this is the main reason why most overweight people constantly overeat.
  3. Nick also does a great job bringing home the fact that the number one cause of insulin production is carbohydrates.  This makes it easy for him to make the case for a low carb high fat program.

Overall he does a nice job with introducing the work he did with his client Ronnie Brower who was over 600 lbs when they began working together.  While he doesn’t chronicle every step of the work that they did together, it does make a great case for the Ketogenic Diet.  And there is also a nice surprise at the end.

I encourage you to watch this Ketogenic Diet Ted Talk by Nick Murhphy “Fighting Fat With Fat”

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