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What to do for Keto Constipation Relief

Exercise More – There is nothing like hitting the gym.  Exercise is know for helping your bowels move.  Therefore, you should definitely get moving.

Drink Coffee – Drinking coffee has always helped me to go to the bathroom.  It still does help.  However, I noticed that it is not the same as it used to be.  When drinking coffee while following Keto, try to use a creamer with MCT Oil. My absolute favorite is Rapid Fire Creamer.

Drink Keto OS – Surprising this exogenous keto drink makes you go to the bathroom.  It is a delicious drink that helps you to get into ketosis in about an hour.  It comes in a variety of flavors like Raspberry Lemonadae, Maui Punch and Orange Dream.  With this drink you get two for one.  You get the opportunity to get into Ketosis fast and you get constipation relief.  If you educate people about Keto, you can also become a Pruit Promoter and earn income promoting the products.  It’s the perfect way to earn extra income.  You can learn more by clicking here.

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