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What to do for Keto Constipation Relief

Poop Candy – Yes, I did say poop candy.  I recently made a new friend who runs a website completely dedicated to constipation relief called Natural Constipation Solutions and one of the things she teaches is how to make Chocoloate Coconut Oil Poop Candy.  She warns to stay close by the bathroom as you will have to really go after eating this candy, so be warned.

Coconut oil chocolate poop candy

While constipation is not something that most people on Keto find easy to discuss, it is quite the reality when following this type of program.  And because other remedies like drinking prune juice will take you out of ketosis, you must find other remedies for relief.

Whatever you do, be careful with harsh laxatives because they may cause your colon to turn black or a myriad of other issues and that are not good.

What are your favorite remedies to for constipation? Seriously, other fellow Keto lovers want to know.  Post your remedies in the comments section below.  You may help someone.

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