Keto Foods

Printable Keto Food List

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Acceptable Keto Foods List

The keto diet has a strict 5% carbohydrate allowance. You can eat Fats and Oils, Protein, Vegetables and Fruits, Dairy products, Nuts and Seeds, Water and Beverages. 

This ketogenic diet food list should help you be able to make decisions about what you are eating and shopping for.

Fats and Oils

Try to get your fat from natural sources like meat and nuts. Make sure to also supplement your fats with other monounsaturated and saturated fats like butter, olive oil, and coconut oil.  You can also choose from: 

Fatty Fish
Animal Fat (non-hydrogenated)
Egg Yolks
Macadamia/Brazil Nuts
Coconut Butter
Cocoa Butter
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Macadamia Oil

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