how to deal with constipation on the keto diet
Keto Constipation

How to Deal With Constipation on the Keto Diet

In this article we are going to explore proven and tested methods and strategies regarding how to deal with constipation on the Keto Diet.

What are the symptoms and how to deal with constipation on the keto diet

First and foremost everyone is different, therefore won’t serve you well to compare your situation with anyone else.  One should pay close attention to his or her body.  Constipation is happening to you when:

  • You struggle to go to the bathroom and feel like you’re straining and it hurts to make a bowel movement.
  • After you make a bowel movement, you feel as if you’re not finished but the rest of “the stuff” just won’t come out.
  • You finally have a bowel movement, your stool is hard.
  • You only have a bowel movement once or twice a week.

Sometimes your case of constipation can be severe or acute.  This is when you only go to the bathroom less than once a week.  Other times you may have a complete blockage and that may require medical treatment.

For the most part people following the Keto diet may experience hard stools.  They may find themselves going to the bathroom less frequently and straining.  This is what happened to me once I went hard core on Keto.

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